E6Golf 1.6 Updates

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E6GOLF Security Update

Mandatory Migration/Security Update

This security update enables ALL COURSES and removes online functionality. This update requires an installed version of E6Golf 1.6.


E6GOLF Full Installer


8.6 GB Zip File – Warning: Large zip files Will NOT extract on Windows XP due to file size limitations of that Operating System.

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Version Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Hotfix: Fixed some tracking systems (TruSimAPI integrations) failing to be authorized after the last security update.


  • Removed all online features, which includes Events, Practice Session, Resume Round, web round/shot data storage, and Log In/Create Player (now limited to Guests).
  • Updated the behind-the-scenes licensing system to greatly prolong the life of E6Golf 1.6.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash in Thanksgiving Point that would occur when the Aim Marker was dragged out of bounds.
  • Fixed an erroneous License Info Is Corrupt error that could occur on startup.

Bug Fixes:

  • TrackMan: Fixed most data failing to report on the Post Shot Menu.


E6Golf Update
E6Golf Full Installer


  • Added TruFlight 2 as a new tracking system. This requires a custom installation; please contact your TruFlight 2 representative.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a crash that occurred only in the Korean language when the putting modes Computer Decides, Autoscore, or Player Decides were triggered.
  • Fixed a license error.


  • FlightScope: Added support for chipping and putting on the X1 T-Box.


  • Holiday Golf: Updated the tracking XML and default settings files with changes provided by Holiday Golf.

Bug Fixes:

  • Full Swing Golf: Fixed the statistics to not show bad values for the total spin and exclude shots that don’t have spin values set.
  • TruSimAPI: Fixed an edge case where environmental data may not be sent.
  1. Fixed: The PremierDivotAction folder is correctly included in the Tracking folder again during E6 installation.
  1. Tracking System Config Utility: Fixed the utility so that it has all of the current changes without regressing to its pre-January state. This includes the previous addition of AGMM and TeeItUp Enterprises.
  1. Fixed: Updated the TruTrack Fiberbuilt mat measurements for the Premium, Signature, Technique (Prestige and Pro), and the Vista 8/10/12.
  2. Tracking System Config Utility: Added the above measurement fixes to the utility.
  3. SDK: Added RequestPlayerData and RequestEnvironmentData messages to TruSimAPI; fixed invalid JSON message related to CharacterAtPosition. Refer to the TruSimAPI Technical Documentation for details on these changes.
  1. Fixed: Ball and club speed always reports in MPH again, even for users who use Metric.
  2. Tracking System Config Utility: Added AGMM Golf and TeeItUp Enterprises to the utility.
  1. Installer: Added the company AGMM Golf to the installer.
  2. Installer: Removed SportsCoach and TrackMan TPS from the installer. Existing installations of these integrations should be unaffected.
  1. TrackMan update: Tracers should now begin to draw properly at the point that the ball has touched the screen instead of drawing the entire ball path.
  2. Installer: Added the company TeeItUp to the installer.
  3. A new course, Scottsdale North, is also available to E6 Cloud Subscribers.
  1. Bugfix: Updating from 34.4 and earlier versions no longer breaks the currently set sim type. Many users who updated to from 34.4 or earlier to 36.5 through 38.5 may have experienced an E6 error message that they are not authorized for a sim type that they don’t use (such as SkyTrak users not being authorized for ProTeeUnited). If you are experiencing this issue, please visit our Support page for help. TruGolf, Accusport, Creatz, Ernest Sports, FlightScope, and Full Swing Golf, and GPro installations were unaffected by this issue.
  2. Bugfix: The aiming stick no longer stays visible in Quick Play Games after confirming its new position.
  3. Change: Removed the old framerate limiting feature that would cap E6 at 20 FPS if it wasn’t the currently selected window. This feature has caused issues for some users and it is no longer needed.
  4. Installer: Added TrackMan 4, 3, 3e, 3 (TruTrack), and 3e (TruTrack) model choices back into the installer.
  5. Installer: Changed some GPro default settings for new installations of E6. Changed defaults: Auto Flybys=On, Camera=TV Mode, Gimme=Computer Decides, Main View Tracer=Solid, Terrain Grid=Off. The ball now appears on screen from 70 feet from the pin as well.
  1. Fixed: Resolved an issue where some PCs could have duplicate Sim IDs on Windows XP. If the server finds the Sim ID to be a duplicate, it will attempt to assign a new Sim ID to that PC.
  2. Fixed: Resolved an issue where Windows XP users couldn’t connect to the E6 Cloud, log in, or get a Sim ID.
  3. New: Updated fsg_cam_master.dll and the FSG SysTool for Full Swing Golf installations.
  4. New: Updated FlightScope to use their latest API.
  5. New: Updated Full Swing with new files, including a new version of their SysTool.
  6. Fixed: Ball and Club Speed are now correctly calculated in KPH if E6 is set to measure in metric.
  7. Fixed: Entering the Events tab with an empty course list no longer crashes E6.
  8. Fixed: All players on the same team in Scramble Stroke mode now hit from the same “best shot” point, even after dropping the ball.
  9. Fixed: Removed Full Swing from the Tracking System Config Utility due to incompatibility and the unique installation setup that Full Swing uses.
  10. Fixed: Adjusted the pad type selections for TruGolf models in the Tracking System Config Utility so that Fiberbuilt is now an option and only available pad types can be selected.
  1. Fixed: Changed the default customer support email that appears in some in-game messages.
  2. Fixed: Adjusted the physics of a few playable areas on Skill Shot Challenge such as the bounce pads so that they behave as intended.
  3. New: Long Drive Range is available to E6 Cloud Subscribers. Don’t be fooled at how the Long Drive Range appears in your Course List for play. With only a single hole, it’s not really a course at all. The Long Drive Range was created so that users can host Long Drive Events on a perfectly flat and wide open range. At Five hundred yards long, and fifty yards wide, this should be big enough for even the best hitters out there.
  1. BIG NEWS: E6 is now playable in Korean and Mandarin Chinese! You can use the simple tool SetE6Language.exe found in C:\Program Files\TruGolf\E6 Golf 1.6 to change the language, or it can be done during a fresh installation of E6Golf.
  2. Fixed: Improved the Japanese localization, including fixes to some menu headers and the shot data window in the Practice Range.
  3. Fixed: Corrected the excessive spacing issue in the E6 Info menu caused by using non-English characters.
  4. Fixed: Easy Tee (available to E6 Cloud Subscribers) and Junior Tee now have the exact same rotation from the tee box.
  5. Fixed: The player’s total score is now properly reported on all printable versions of the scorecard.
  6. Fixed: Corrected a small spelling error found in the settings menus and the post-shot menu.
  1. Fixed: Localized text fields that were previously English-only.
  2. Fixed: Setting the language in the installer now works correctly on Windows XP.
  3. New: Turning Stone Resort: Atunyote Golf Course for E6 Cloud Subscribers.

The Turning Stone resort is known for its luxurious accommodations and world-class golf. Atunyote, now available through E6Golf is the longest of Turning Stone Resort’s three championship courses. This Tom Fazio course is lined with a stream of small waterfalls and lakes and offers breathtaking nature scenes at every hole. The gentle rolling hills and wide open fairways encapsulate the pure essence of golf.

  1. New: Updated Full Swing Golf with new files and added the IonTrackRefresh option, which is ignored during putting. The putter is now shown when putting. Ion Putting is now enabled on the fringe. Setupex.exe now runs during FSG installations to set up the CrypKey License Service.
  2. New: Changed Tittle’s default gimme setting from 6 feet to 10 feet, will be automatically applied to new Tittle installations of E6.
  3. Fixed: The TrackMan OEM Installer now runs during E6 installation for TrackMan customers.
  4. Fixed: Adding additional players no longer resets the Boost setting for players set to Easy Tee.
  5. Fixed: The “license has expired” message that appears when E6’s trial period has expired now provides the computer’s Simulator ID for easy reference.
  6. Fixed: The error message shown when E6 is out of date
  7. Fixed: Auto-caddy is now disabled during Quick Play Games. This should prevent the selected club from being automatically switched after each shot.
  8. Fixed: Adjusted an error message issue with TruSimAPI relating to club types.
  9. A new course is now available to E6 Cloud SubscribersParadise Palms Resort & Country Club.
  1. BIG NEWS: E6 is now playable in Japanese! We have begun localization for E6 and are planning to roll out some additional supported languages in the future. You can use the simple tool SetE6Language.exe found in C:\Program Files\TruGolf\E6 Golf 1.6 to change the language, or it can be done during a fresh installation of E6.
  2. New: Added a camera focus button and a “waiting for shot” display message to the TruFlightConfig utility.
  3. New: TruFlight installations of E6 now create desktop and Start Menu shortcuts for TruFlightConfig.
  4. Fixed: E6 now correctly updates course files if there is a new version of the course.
  5. Fixed: Easy Tee is now completely disabled for all TrackMan installations due to Boost and ball flight incompatibility.
  6. Fixed: Moved Easy Tee from the Champ tee box to the Junior tee box.
  7. Fixed: Corrected the year line in the copyright notice found in Other > E6 Info in the main menu.
  8. Fixed: Resolved the buggy camera view that could be seen when loading a course.
  9. Fixed: E6GOLF.LIC should now properly install in Full Swing installations of E6.
  10. Fixed: Resolved a bug that caused the Practice Area to crash when entering from the Main Menu for the first time.
  11. A new course is now available to E6 Cloud Subscribers: Pine Canyon Golf Club
  1. CRITICAL UPDATE: Fixed an issue where the Sim ID could change when switching Windows user accounts, or when re-installing Windows or E6Golf 1.6. As a result, courses were no longer authorized. If your Sim ID does change, request an Authorization Transfer or contact support.
  2. New: Added Ernest Sports, Holiday Golf, Indoor Sports, and TruFlight selections to the TrackingSystemConfigUtility.
  3. New: TruFlightConfig has replaced the TruCamConfigUtility used to configure the cameras in TruFlight installations.
  4. Fixed: Default elevation now saves and displays correctly after setting a custom elevation, saving it in Other > Save Defaults in the Main Menu, and then restarting E6.
  5. Fixed: Toned down some messages encountered in E6 such as when attempting to join an event with a Guest player.
  6. Fixed: Kiawah – Island Course: Moved and shortened the grass at hole 15’s amateur tee so that shots are no longer obstructed; improved some shadows in a few sand traps.
  7. Easy Tee now available for E6 Cloud Subscribers
  1. New: The E6 Golf software will no longer be updated automatically from this point on. E6 will now check for a newer software version on startup and provide a web link to the update patch if a new version is found. No change has been made to how E6 updates content.
  2. New: Added Tittle and TrackMan(TPS) to TrackingSystemConfigUtility.exe.
  3. Fixed: The auto-caddy no longer automatically selects a club for the player after hitting the ball during In-round Practice.
  4. Fixed: The In-round Practice display no longer persists when resuming a round that was closed while in In-round Practice.
  5. Fixed: E6 no longer crashes when viewing the leaderboard of an Event that requires pre-registration.
  6. Fixed: Wind direction is now correctly calculated during course play. The issue was previously causing the wind to blow the ball in a direction contrary to what the wind compass indicated.
  7. Fixed: Selecting a club in the TruSimAPI client now successfully changes the club in E6.
  8. Fixed: The Boost button is no longer able to be selected in the Quick Play > Players tab in order to prevent an undesired window refresh effect.
  9. Fixed: Quick Play games now display the club select button so that tracking systems that depend on choosing the correct club can work properly during Quick Play.
  10. Fixed: Quick Play now shows the correct pause menu in installations of E6 with Flightscope.
  11. Fixed: TrackMan.VmsInterface.RadarInterface.dll is now installed to C:\Program Files\TruGolf\E6 Golf 1.6.

Before installing the E6Golf update we recommend that you install the following DirectX Update:

Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7087
Windows 7|8|Vista: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ph/download/confirmation.aspx?id=34429

E6GOLF Patch

1. TrackmanTPS is now fully integrated with E6 1.6.

2. The Tittle tracking system is now fully integrated with E6 1.6, allowing online connectivity.

3. Updated the Tittle logo and default files used in the installer.

4. Disabled the Boost option in the Players tab for Quick Play since it isn’t applicable to Quick Play games.

5. Fixed a memory leak issue that would potentially cause the game to crash.

6. Fixed an issue where the player menu would not correctly hide after selecting the next player in pre-registered online events.

E6GOLF Patch

1. Updated Fiberbuilt .xmls with corrected measurements on sensor spacing.

2. Fixed bug where string.format was causing an exception resulting in the game crashing.

3. Fixed Visual Sports club select timing issue where the putter selection persisted to the next hole.

4. Fixed TrackmanTPS Installer option so that it appears when the Trackman launch monitor is selected in the Select Manufacturer field.

1. Server migration to AWS for improved online stability

2. Carnival quick play game added

3. TruFlight tracking cameras added to installation options

4. Fixed issue where using a putter from anywhere but the green wouldn’t register correctly

5. Fixed yardage discrepancy on Junior Challenge course

6. Fixed shaky flybys on Phoenix Country Club course

7. Fixed issue where quick play animations would delay by up to 30 seconds when restarting

1. FiberBuilt configuration added to installer

2. Cloud activated Junior Course Challenge

3. Ball now sticks to targets in Deathmatch 2016

4. Fixed bug with event creation & time zone differences

5. Fixed bug where some users couldn’t access quick play games.

6. Various authorization fixes

1. Security authorization update no longer requires a dongle to be plugged in

2 .Demolition Driving Range added

3. Death Match 2016 added

4. Language option removed

5. Fixed issue with resolution no scaling between full screen & windowed mode

6. Rollout timer adjusted for Skill Shot Challenge course

7. Fixed issue with missing handicaps for Skill Shot Challenge & Junior Challenge courses

8. TruTrack default settings adjusted for the following values: Gimme distance, green speed, green hardness, & weather

Looking for an Older Version?

E6Golf 1.0-1.5

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