Release Notes - October 12, 2021


  • Games: Multiple minigames have been prepared for future release (via authorization) on iOS and PC. Stay tuned!
  • Games: Added an Info button to help familiarize players on the objective(s) and scoring for that minigame. Look for the “i” button on the left side of the main HUD or Pause Menu.


  • Games: Improved aiming via tapping/clicking terrain or objects (in the Main View or Top View) in applicable minigames.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some substantial framerate issues present in some minigames while playing in 4K.
  • Club Select Menu: Fixed the suggested club always showing as 4 Iron.
  • Settings Menu: Fixed the Tracking System list failing to update after unbinding the license (via the Simulator Binding button) and selecting a new license.
  • Main Menu: Fixed some buttons potentially disappearing after running Demo Flybys.
  • Integrations – FlightScope: Fixed the previously selected Putting Mode reverting to AutoScore after restarting E6.
  • Integrations – TrackMan: Addressed some issues specific to multiple TrackMan devices on a common LAN, including fixing TMs disconnecting, fixing some notifications, and only forcefully connecting to a TM on the LAN if the user explicitly chooses to do so.
  • Integrations – ProTee United: Fixed the license permission needed for authorization. - August 31, 2021


  • PinSeeker: Added support for left-handed players.
  • Integrations: Added a new integration, Golf In.

Bug Fixes

  • Account Creation: Fixed getting stuck at the Select Device screen while signing up a new account.
  • Events: Fixed the Exit Event dialog for Events that cannot be resumed after leaving (but said it can be resumed).
  • Integrations – TruFlight 2: Fixed an issue where the cameras wouldn’t strobe properly after being swapped. - July 19, 2021


  • Added a new feature to the Main Menu, PinSeeker, which allows players to compete in tournaments for charity and prizes via their PinSeeker Game app and E6 Connect. Official site:

  • Added the Simulator Binding button, which allows you to unbind or rebind the current license from within E6 Connect. This button can be found in Settings > Help & Info, and can be locked behind Admin Mode for security. Unbind unbinds the license outright; Rebind only unbinds the current license if you log in again and choose a new license to bind to.

  • Profiles: Added a Handicap option in the Edit Profile Menu for players and even guests to set a manual handicap (in lieu of a future World Handicap System release).

  • Scorecard: Added Rating and Slope data.

  • Integrations: Added a new tracking system, Garmin.



  • Settings: Split the Measurement setting into two independent options for more modular customization: Speed (available in MPH, KPH, and M/s) and Distance (available in Yards/Feet/Inches or Yards only, or Meters/Centimeters or Meters only).

  • Settings – Video: SSAA (supersampling anti-aliasing) is now set to None by default to improve performance.

  • Updated the Club Select button for improved visibility.

  • Post Shot Menu: Modified the green OK/Continue button to show the text and timer (if applicable) at the same time for more clear usability.

  • Auto Caddy: Adjusted the auto caddy system to use better club distances and also consider the user’s Tee.

  • Game Setup Menu: Improved how Teams are auto-assigned so that the default assignments are more balanced, instead of just assigning a new team color every two players.

  • The Number Pad will now be closed after clicking outside of it.

  • Audio: Music and other sounds now fade instead of abruptly stop when entering or exiting a round.

  • Modes of Play Menu: Added a notification to indicate if a game mode is not able to be saved and resumed later.

  • Putting: The Putting Line should now show while on the Fringe if a putter is selected.

  • Resume Game: Sudden Death/tiebreaker games are now saved and can be resumed.

  • Closest to the Pin & Long Drive: Reverted the Top View to the standard (smaller) size (which was previously “jumbo” sized for a time).

  • Events: Implemented a tracking system filter to allow only showing Events that the currently set tracking system is eligible for (including Events with no restrictions).

  • Online Play: Updated the notice that appears when selecting Online Play.

  • TruTrack 2: Updated the Fiberbuilt images in the Configuration screen.

  • Integrations – FlightScope: Set Ball on Screen as the default view for all FS devices.

  • Integrations – TruSimAPI: Changed the Config Menu to list IP Address choices instead of manual entry and improved the menu’s general layout.

  • Integrations – TruFlight 2: Integrated IC Cameras (by The Imaging Source) with TF2 as a replacement for the FLIR ball cameras. Updated the TF2 Config Utility and its Drivers installer to account for these camera changes.
  • Integrations: Disabled the Terrain Penalty for tracking systems that do not support it.


Bug Fixes

  • Important fix: Fixed issues with scores failing to post online and failing to detect E6 reconnecting to the internet.

  • Important fix: Events: Fixed the Terrain Penalty UI not showing in Events.

  • Profiles – Remember Player: Added safeguards to fix a long-standing and elusive bug with corrupted saved players, which manifested as empty player slots, missing profile images, failure to properly load data, and a few other odd behaviors. If the offending profile(s) cannot be restored from locally stored data, the invalid profile is removed.

  • Logging: Fixed the crashlog system that was not producing a valid crash dump file for many users. If E6 Connect encounters a crash, the CrashData.dmp file containing crash details can be found in C:\ProgramData\E6Golf\E6Connect.

  • Camera: Fixed an erratic behavior with the camera where it could spin around the cup too quickly.

  • Settings: Fixed the License Type no longer showing the friendly name in the Info & Help section. Fixed changes in Projection Dimensions not being saved if the number pad was used to enter the values.

  • Club Select Menu: Fixed the Auto Detect button not responding and closing the Club Select Menu when clicked.

  • Sudden Death: Fixed scores using only hole 1’s scores instead of the final score before the tiebreaker. Fixed Sudden Death being offered if a player was dropped, and the assigned 12 strokes caused a (false) tie.

  • In-Round Practice: Fixed the selected club changing after each practice shot due to the autocaddy triggering. Fixed the elevation to pin indicator failing to update when moving the ball.

  • Quick Access Menu: Fixed toggling QAM buttons sometimes failing to update properly.

  • Resume Game: Fixed Best Ball scores turning up blank after resuming a saved round. Fixed the Water Hazard Menu buttons malfunctioning if the game crashed before making a selection in this menu, and then resuming the round at this point. Fixed being able to potentially resume rounds that were completed. Fixed potentially resuming at the wrong location after resuming the round multiple times. Fixed deleting the wrong round after deleting two or more saved rounds in a row. Fixed RG being selectable from the Main Menu when offline.

  • Scramble: Fixed the Top View showing behind the Final Results scorecard. Fixed the terrain not properly updating in the Choose Best Shot Menu.

  • Blackout – Solaro: Fixed scoring, both in how it was being counted and reported.

  • Darts – Henyet & Blackout – Solaro: Fixed the total points overlapping the timer on displays wider than 16:9.

  • Practice: Fixed being able to pause while moving the ball/flag, leading to HUD issues.

  • Events: Fixed invite-only Events including non-invited participant scores in the Leaderboard; these invalid scores are now omitted.

  • Online Play: Fixed showing the wrong terrain type for some players after hitting Out of Bounds. Fixed the Home Button disappearing after entering the Settings Menu while creating a game. Fixed the result of a shot desyncing between devices, resulting in potentially critical errors. Fixed the score being able to exceed the intended cap of 12 strokes after hitting past the shot limit of 12. Fixed getting stuck in the Leaderboard at the end of a KP/LD game when a player leaves early. Fixed the broken Pause Menu and hid the Club Select button for waiting players. Fixed not being able to modify some options (Mulligans, Putting Mode, and Terrain Penalty) while creating an online game.

  • TruTrack 2: Fixed the custom configuration’s Ball Speed value resetting to zero if it was set to the minimum (-15%) or maximum (15%) value. - April 29, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Important hotfix: Resolved an issue where many or most shots were not sending to the server, therefore failing to appear on Portal. Unfortunately, this fix is not backwards compatible with past rounds. - February 16, 2021


  • Added a Terrain Penalty gauge under the Top View. If the Terrain Penalty option is enabled, the gauge will show the active penalty on the shot’s power and spin, if any, based on the ball’s terrain/lie.


  • Integrations – FlightScope: Enabled Wind and Elevation, which will now affect ball flight. The Settings are now available in the Environment tab. Removed the Recalibration button from the Pause Menu.
  • Integrations – SkyTrak: Enabled Wind and Elevation, which will now affect ball flight. The Settings are now available in the Environment tab. Modified the Post Shot Menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the game logic locking up after taking more than 12 strokes on a hole, even in In-Round Practice.
  • Long Drive: Fixed the mode playing the next shot from the ball’s landing spot instead of resetting it to the tee.
  • Best Ball: Fixed Team member scores failing to properly sync after finishing a hole.
  • Scramble: Fixed the erroneous repeating “4”s in the Scorecard’s handicap data row. Fixed the distance and elevation to pin data failing to update in the Choose Best Shot Menu.
  • Online Play: Fixed Mulligans sometimes failing to remove a stroke on other players’ scorecards. Fixed Mulligans sometimes being incorrectly allocated to a player (albeit rarely).
  • License Menu: Fixed the Enter key failing to respond (from physical/virtual keyboards) in the Redeem Key Menu when submitting a product key.
  • Profiles Menu: Fixed the game getting stuck in the Enter Email screen after entering an invalid email format (such as missing an @ symbol).
  • Profile Settings: Fixed the option missing for the Zoom to Aim Marker toggle button in the Quick Access Menu.
  • Club Select Menu: Fixed the selected club being reset to the Auto Caddie default after pausing and unpausing the game or after using the Zoom to Aim Marker feature.
  • HUD: Fixed the Tracking System’s logo drifting down on top of the Top View image.
  • Integrations – Ernest Sports: Fixed the Auto Caddie failing by getting into CHP (Chip) Mode at the start of a new hole.
  • Integrations – FlightScope: Fixed the Align Camera not working (especially on iOS).
  • Integrations – Foresight: Fixed a few issues involving shots failing to send detected shots, such as in Blackout or after playing for a short time. Fixed some connection and releveling/processing issues (by updating to the new SDK version 11.2).
  • Integrations – TruSimAPI: Fixed Blackout & Darts games played with TruSimAPI integrations where the last shot is often copied instead of sending the most recent tracked shot. - December 16, 2020


  • Events: Added support for team-based Event modes.
  • Practice: Implemented the Wind Widget into all Practice modes to customize the wind each session; tap the Wind Indicator next to the Top View image to access it. There are 8 wind directions to choose from, and wind speed be increased up to 20 MPH/32 KPH; wind is now off by default in Practice regardless of the clientside Wind setting.
  • Quick Access Menu: Added a new QAM toggle to the Edit Profile Menu: Show Simulated Ball Trail, which shows a preview of a simulated shot if 100% power was applied with the currently selected club. Previously permanent QAM options Show Minimize HUD and Show Fly Aim Marker To Camera can now be toggled on and off in this menu.
  • Default Settings: Added three files that can be used to establish defaults for round settings and for guest profiles for an optimal custom experience: Default_environmental_settings.json, Default_golf_settings.json, Default_guest_settings.json. The files are found in the Resource folder within the E6 Connect install folder, and can be edited with Notepad.
  • Logging: Implemented a crashlog system that is recorded in CrashData.dmp (found in C:\ProgramData\E6Golf\E6Connect) when E6 encounters a crash.
  • Integrations: Added two new tracking systems, KGolf and WizGolf.


  • Club Select Menu: Rolled back on the Accept and Cancel functionality. Selecting your club is now just one click again, and the caddy suggested club is mentioned at the top.
  • Resume Game: Disabled being able to resume Closest to the Pin and Long Drive rounds.
  • Resume Game: Exiting a round with the option “Restart Round” no longer deletes that round, so it can still be resumed via Resume Game.
  • Settings Menu: Converted any paging menus to scroll fields for easier use.
  • Logging System: Removed the Memory Profile option from the Logging System settings page. Expanded what the Logging System’s options can log.
  • Integrations – FlightScope: Updated the SDK to version 10.1, which changes how altitude is calculated. Also updated the Post Shot Menu for the X3 to show the Club Path and Club Face Angle shot data.

Bug Fixes

  • Major fix: Rolling friction was adjusted to fix putts that weren’t rolling the correct distances for some tracking systems. Adjustments were also made to fringe and fairway settings to match the selected green stimp.
  • Game Setup Menu: Fixed the Settings button missing while setting up a round.
  • Resume Game: Fixed multiple resume bugs including being placed in a previous location due to exiting just after choosing to drop the ball.
  • Events: Fixed Sudden Death occurring for players who tied while playing an Event in the same round. Fixed being able to bypass a future Event by joining it before it started.
  • Fixed accidentally moving the Aim Marker when you click and drag behind some UI elements. - October 28, 2020
Bug Fixes

  • Hotfix: Fixed TruSimAPI’s port numbers changing in, causing TruSimAPI integrations to fail to connect; this affected new users (who had not selected their Tracking System prior to The default port number has been rolled back to 2483. - October 21, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Hotfix: Fixed TruSimAPI’s port numbers changing in, causing TruSimAPI integrations to fail to connect; this affected new users (who had not selected their Tracking System prior to The default port number has been rolled back to 2483. - June 16, 2020


  • Added a new camera feature, Zoom to Aim Marker. When toggled on, you can now zoom into and away from the aim target, rotate the camera left and right, toggle a bird’s-eye view, or reset the Aim Marker to its default location. This feature can be toggled on by selecting the magnifying glass button (at the bottom of the screen) while moving the Aim Marker, and toggled off with the same button.
  • Added a new Golf Settings option, Auto Drop and Rehit. When set to On, the game will automatically Drop the ball as close to the pin as possible after hitting into a Water Hazard, or automatically select Rehit after hitting Out of Bounds.
  • Added two new tracking systems, Power Swing and WindRider Golf.


  • Online Play: When the Player Decides putting mode is triggered, other clients are now notified that the active player is choosing how many strokes they took.
  • Settings – Putting Mode: The distance to the pin is now displayed while the Player Decides screen is up, for improved usability.
  • FlightScope: Added Smash Factor and Club Head speed back into the Post Shot Menu.

Bug Fixes

  • Major fix to Blackout, which could not be loaded and could crash or freeze the game when attempting to create a round with it (in last release,
  • Major fixes to Online Play, especially client data synchronisation; this includes fixing scores, ball locations (and therefore distances to the pin), or camera views potentially desyncing between clients over time.
  • Online Play: Fixed a bug where each user’s client-side tracking system’s Post Shot Menu would be displayed instead of the Post
  • Shot Menu for the tracking system that took the shot.
  • Online Play: Fixed the Auto Caddy suggesting the wrong club, such as a Putter or SW at the start of the next hole.
  • Online Play: Fixed getting stuck while creating a game if the p2p server happens to be down. If it is down, the user will now be notified and sent back to the Main Menu.
  • Online Play: Fixed the Elevation being expressed in yards instead of feet (when set to Imperial units), and fixed the Elevation’s value showing as zero when using Custom Elevation.
  • Online Play: Fixed the Pause Menu staying open when another player takes a shot.
  • Clubhouse Events: Fixed the player’s Clubhouse Handicap not updating (unless the player logged back in or E6 Connect was restarted). The Clubhouse Handicap for Rostered players is now updated whenever the Events List is visited.
  • In-Round Practice: Fixed the Main View failing to update after ending the Practice session via the Pause Menu.
  • Drop Ball: Fixed the camera starting too close to the ball when dropping; fixed the player’s tracer showing while dropping the ball if set to Solid Tracer. - April 22, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Events: Fixed player scores showing as DNF on the Leaderboard after finishing the event.
  • Drop Ball: Fixed another situation where Drop Ball wasn’t available in the Water Hazard Menu, after the ball hit land or rocks across the water and rolled/bounced back into the water.
  • Online Play: Implemented some large fixes to help mitigate data loss and getting into bad states during peer-to-peer play; the game can now restore a player’s shot record to help keep all players and the scorecard in sync.
  • Online Play: Fixed some crashes and hang states that were caused by logic issues. - April 1, 2020


  • Added a new major feature: Resume Game, which is now available for Stroke Play events and local play (with more supported modes coming soon). Unfinished Stroke games are automatically saved on the server and can be resumed on any compatible device if all other involved players are logged in and added to the Roster. Select the Resume Game button from the Main Menu and add the required players to resume the desired round in the Saved Games list.
  • Added a new feature, the Ready Golf system, which allows players to play at their own convenience. Active players can now hit out of turn by selecting the current player’s name in the HUD (which also displays the player’s score and stroke count) and selecting their own name in the drop-down menu.
  • Added a new language, Simplified Chinese (简体中文). The language can be changed in the System tab of the Settings Menu.
  • Added a new Tracking System integration, Greenjoy.
  • TruFlight 2: Added the ability for TF2 to automatically recalibrate grayscale values when the system is initialized (when running E6 Connect). The recalibration can also be run mid-game from the Pause Menu with the Recalibrate button. If the grayscale recalibration fails on startup (at the Main Menu), a warning dialog appears with options to Retry or proceed with the existing settings.


  • Updated the loading screen image.
  • Mulliganing is now possible after holing the ball, for use in situations such as a tracking system error or the user’s discretion.
  • Shots into water now end after sinking 10 feet to help prevent having to wait for the ball to sink to the bottom of the body of water.
  • Settings Menu – Admin Mode: Added in a message about PIN requirements (4-6 numbers).
  • Settings Menu: Removed the Reset To Defaults button while viewing the Settings Menu mid-round.
  • Practice: Mulliganing a shot now removes its ball from the course.
  • FlightScope: Increased the maximum putting distance from 23 feet to 27 feet.
  • TruFlight 2: Updated the default values when a new TruFlight 2 configuration XML is generated by E6 Connect; this only affects new installations or if the configuration file was deleted. Expanded the High Grayscale value to improve ball detection when the stored grayscale values aren’t congruent with the current lighting situation.

Bug Fixes

  • Major fix: Fixed E6 Connect being unable to connect to the internet on some devices.
  • Fixed an uncommon crash or freeze that could occur when a sound finished playing during ball flight, and fixed a second crash that could occur during ball flight by too many “ball frames” being allocated. This should resolve some seemingly random crashes or freezes users have been seeing while playing.
  • Course Menu: Fixed the Elevation field displaying the Custom Elevation setting or showing as zero when set to Course Elevation; it now always displays the course’s elevation regardless of the user’s Elevation Setting.
  • Fixed a number of bugs relating to the ball bouncing physics, such as bouncing too much without losing momentum, and random, erratic high bounces between small ones.
  • Fixed a bug where Mulliganing could give the wrong player turn afterward.
  • Fixed Putting Modes/autoputting being able to trigger from the wrong green on dual green holes such as Asiana.
  • In-Round Practice: Fixed teleporting to another player’s location after ending the Practice session via the Quick Access Menu. Fixed the shot counter and data table sometimes having a delayed reset after ending the Practice session. Fixed being able to mulligan a practice shot via the Quick Access Menu while practicing.
  • In-Round Practice/Chip & Putt: Fixed the shot counter and data table sometimes having a delayed reset after moving the ball.
  • Drop Ball: Fixed some situations where Drop Ball could fail to find a valid drop line, such as after bouncing the ball off land backwards into water. Fixed the Drop Ball line showing up prematurely while in the Water Hazard Menu.
  • Fixed the Ball Indicator showing for other players after finishing the current hole.
  • Settings Menu – Admin Mode: Fixed canceling out of the Enter PIN menu exiting the Admin tab entirely.
  • Scramble: Fixed the Choose Best Shot Menu potentially being skipped after using a Mulligan. Fixed picking up moving the team member to the end of the team tee order for the remainder of the round.
  • FlightScope & SkyTrak: Fixed the Wind Indicator showing in the HUD when using tracking system integrations that do not use wind. - February 4, 2020


  • In-Round Practice: Added the ability to move the ball while practicing. Ending the Practice session moves the ball back to where it was at the start of the session.
  • In-Round Practice: Added a Practice toggle button to the Quick Access Menu.
  • Scramble: Added “Water Hazard” and “Out of Bounds” warnings on the Choose Best Shot Menu to help make it clear when the selected ball is in either state before the shot is chosen.


  • Raised the timeout duration when requesting a token from the server from 5 seconds to 60 seconds. This should help mitigate the issue of licenses losing their binding on devices with slower internet connections or during poor server connectivity.
  • Changed the Top View’s terrain lie to now say if the ball is Out of Bounds or in Water.
  • Top View: The ball lie on the Top View now show as Water or Out of Bounds if the ball is in either state.
  • FlightScope: Changed the default values of Sensor To Tee Distance to 7 ft and Mode to Short Indoor.
  • TruFlight 2: Removed the “Low confidence: Club Data” warning from appearing.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple memory leak issues that would cause E6 Connect to hold onto RAM and potentially crash eventually mid-game. This should fix many of the crashes users were experiencing while in-round.
  • Course Menu: Fixed the default course image “popping in” when selecting some courses.
  • Quick Access Menu: Fixed being unable to toggle the Terrain Grid or Putting Line when off the green.
  • Blackout: Fixed turns not rotating by one shot per player, which effectively broke the mode. Each player had to take all their shots before the game would rotate to the next player on the roster.
  • Long Drive: Fixed the club not defaulting to a Driver in some courses (such as the Driving Ranges).
  • Practice – Driving Range: Fixed the game entering a hang state after holing the ball into a Scoring Zone target.
  • Scramble: Fixed not being able to aim with the first team member after choosing a team shot on valid terrain if another team shot was hit into a Water Hazard or Out of Bounds.
  • Scramble: Fixed the Choose Best Shot Menu potentially preferring shots in a Water Hazard or Out of Bounds over a shot that’s in bounds.
  • Online Play: Fixed Player Finishes Putt not working.
  • TruFlight 2: Fixed detection issues with the Club Camera due to reflected light onto the mat from shiny clubs throwing off grayscale values.
  • TruTrack 2: Fixed an error that could occur from customizing the AcousticEnvironment value. - January 15, 2020


  • FlightScope: Added a new portable tracking system, the Mevo+, which can be selected in the FlightScope configuration menu.


  • FlightScope: Updated the logos to their 2020 versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Darts: Fixed the round not ending if the last player’s timer expired before running out of attempts.
  • Practice – Driving Range: Fixed the player’s stroke count being formatted as a distance instead of as a whole number.