E6Golf 1.6 Updates

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E6GOLF Update


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8.5 GB Zip File – Warning: Large zip files Will NOT extract on Windows XP due to file size limitations of that Operating System.

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Version Release Notes

  1. CRITICAL UPDATE: Fixed an issue where the Sim ID could change when switching Windows user accounts, or when re-installing Windows or E6Golf 1.6. As a result, courses were no longer authorized. If your Sim ID does change, request an Authorization Transfer or contact support.
  2. New: Added Ernest Sports, Holiday Golf, Indoor Sports, and TruFlight selections to the TrackingSystemConfigUtility.
  3. New: TruFlightConfig has replaced the TruCamConfigUtility used to configure the cameras in TruFlight installations.
  4. Fixed: Default elevation now saves and displays correctly after setting a custom elevation, saving it in Other > Save Defaults in the Main Menu, and then restarting E6.
  5. Fixed: Toned down some messages encountered in E6 such as when attempting to join an event with a Guest player.
  6. Fixed: Kiawah – Island Course: Moved and shortened the grass at hole 15’s amateur tee so that shots are no longer obstructed; improved some shadows in a few sand traps.
  7. Easy Tee now available for E6 Cloud Subscribers
  1. New: The E6 Golf software will no longer be updated automatically from this point on. E6 will now check for a newer software version on startup and provide a web link to the update patch if a new version is found. No change has been made to how E6 updates content.
  2. New: Added Tittle and TrackMan(TPS) to TrackingSystemConfigUtility.exe.
  3. Fixed: The auto-caddy no longer automatically selects a club for the player after hitting the ball during In-round Practice.
  4. Fixed: The In-round Practice display no longer persists when resuming a round that was closed while in In-round Practice.
  5. Fixed: E6 no longer crashes when viewing the leaderboard of an Event that requires pre-registration.
  6. Fixed: Wind direction is now correctly calculated during course play. The issue was previously causing the wind to blow the ball in a direction contrary to what the wind compass indicated.
  7. Fixed: Selecting a club in the TruSimAPI client now successfully changes the club in E6.
  8. Fixed: The Boost button is no longer able to be selected in the Quick Play > Players tab in order to prevent an undesired window refresh effect.
  9. Fixed: Quick Play games now display the club select button so that tracking systems that depend on choosing the correct club can work properly during Quick Play.
  10. Fixed: Quick Play now shows the correct pause menu in installations of E6 with Flightscope.
  11. Fixed: TrackMan.VmsInterface.RadarInterface.dll is now installed to C:\Program Files\TruGolf\E6 Golf 1.6.

Before installing the E6Golf update we recommend that you install the following DirectX Update:

Windows 10: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7087
Windows 7|8|Vista: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ph/download/confirmation.aspx?id=34429

E6GOLF Patch

1. TrackmanTPS is now fully integrated with E6 1.6.

2. The Tittle tracking system is now fully integrated with E6 1.6, allowing online connectivity.

3. Updated the Tittle logo and default files used in the installer.

4. Disabled the Boost option in the Players tab for Quick Play since it isn’t applicable to Quick Play games.

5. Fixed a memory leak issue that would potentially cause the game to crash.

6. Fixed an issue where the player menu would not correctly hide after selecting the next player in pre-registered online events.

E6GOLF Patch

1. Updated Fiberbuilt .xmls with corrected measurements on sensor spacing.

2. Fixed bug where string.format was causing an exception resulting in the game crashing.

3. Fixed Visual Sports club select timing issue where the putter selection persisted to the next hole.

4. Fixed TrackmanTPS Installer option so that it appears when the Trackman launch monitor is selected in the Select Manufacturer field.

1. Server migration to AWS for improved online stability

2. Carnival quick play game added

3. TruFlight tracking cameras added to installation options

4. Fixed issue where using a putter from anywhere but the green wouldn’t register correctly

5. Fixed yardage discrepancy on Junior Challenge course

6. Fixed shaky flybys on Phoenix Country Club course

7. Fixed issue where quick play animations would delay by up to 30 seconds when restarting

1. FiberBuilt configuration added to installer

2. Cloud activated Junior Course Challenge

3. Ball now sticks to targets in Deathmatch 2016

4. Fixed bug with event creation & time zone differences

5. Fixed bug where some users couldn’t access quick play games.

6. Various authorization fixes

1. Security authorization update no longer requires a dongle to be plugged in

2 .Demolition Driving Range added

3. Death Match 2016 added

4. Language option removed

5. Fixed issue with resolution no scaling between full screen & windowed mode

6. Rollout timer adjusted for Skill Shot Challenge course

7. Fixed issue with missing handicaps for Skill Shot Challenge & Junior Challenge courses

8. TruTrack default settings adjusted for the following values: Gimme distance, green speed, green hardness, & weather