Pelican Hill Golf Club

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Stunning Ocean Views and Championship Level Golf

Pelican Hill Golf Club, located in Newport, California, offers stunning ocean views and championship level golf. This coastal gem is located in the home Humphrey Bogart and John Wayne and is widely considered to be the best golf course in Orange County.

Pelican Hill Golf Club is split between the North Course and the South Course. Both offer panoramic ocean views and a brilliant backdrop of cloudless skies and eucalyptus trees. Located only a few minutes from where Tiger Woods was born, Pelican Hill Golf Club in Newport, California should definitely be on your golf bucket list.

  1. Tom Fazio once said, “golf courses should reflect the natural beauty of their environments.” Tom is true to his word and Pelican Hill does capture the coastal beauty in every lie, shot, and hole.
  2. The Ocean North course features a remarkable ocean view from every tee.
  3. Pelican Hill was voted the No. 1 resort in the mainland United States by Conde Nast Traveler readers.
  4. This year, ESPN has moved its “ESPY Charity Golf Tournament,” to Pelican Hill.
  5. The courses encompass 400 acres, 80 of which are protected habitat. The course features a new, environmentally friendly water management system based on conservation and recycling. The sophisticated irrigation, runoff, and recycling system was developed during a two year hiatus, where designer Tom Fazio redesigned this coastal Californian masterpiece.
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