Extract and Install E6Golf 1.6 from ZIP file


  1. Download the file.
  2. To extract the contents, RIGHT CLICK on E6Golf_1.6_Full.zip and select EXTRACT ALL.
  3. Select a destination and check the “Show extracted files when complete” option, next click the EXTRACT button.
zip context menu
extract file


  1. Once files have been extracted DOUBLE CLICK E6_Full.exe to begin the installation.
  2. User Control Access
    1. SELECT: Yes
  3. Welcome to the E6Golf Setup Wizard
    1. SELECT: Next >
  4. Manufacturer
    1. SELECT: Manufacturer
    2. SELECT: Model (if required)
    3. SELECT: Next >
  5. Auto Start – Uncheck if you don’t want E6Golf to auto start
    1. SELECT: Next >
  6. Ready to Install Program SELECT: Next >
  7. Installation Complete
    1. SELECT: Finish
select manufacturer
auto start
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