E6Golf 1.6 Installation Instructions

1. DOWNLOAD and SAVE the E6Golf_1.6_Full.zip (8.4GB) file to your computer.
Note: Download could take 20 minutes to more than an hour depending on your internet speed.
2. Once downloaded, RIGHT CLICK on the E6Golf_1.6_Full.zip file and select EXTRACT ALL.
3. Select a DESTINATION and EXTRACT the files.

4. Run the E6_Full.exe file. Select YES to allow the app to make changes to your device.
5. Click INSTALL to continue with the installation.
6. Launch E6Golf 1.6 from the E6 icon on the desktop once installation has completed.

WIndows XP Users

If you have issues extracting the files, download, install and use WinRARhttp://www.win-rar.com/fileadmin/winrar-versions/winrar/wrar521.exe to extract the installation files.