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E6Golf is the most authentic and realistic golf simulation software available.

E6GOLF Simulator Software

E6GOLF is designed and developed by TRUGOLF. Originally a subsidiary of Access Software, TruGolf spun-off from the company in 1999 when Access Software was purchased by Microsoft for their expertise in golf software development. TruGolf maintained the core programming and graphics team of Links™ and continued to refine the technology, designing the #1 selling golf simulation software used in most simulators around the globe.


TruGolf Launches Online Tournaments

Throughout 2013 TruGolf has been laying the ground work for an ever-expanding online golfing experience on a scale never attempted before.


Users from around the world can come together to play and compete using any E6Golf compatible tracking system. Review previous rounds, tournaments, practice sessions, achievements, and more. TruGolf has also made additional improvements to E6Golf:

  • Graphics Engine
  • Sky and Lighting
  • Physics & Putting Models
  • Redesigned User Interface
  • Enhanced Practice

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E6Golf UI

Compatible Systems

E6Golf has been integrated with many of the popular golf simulators and launch monitors including FullSwing Golf, Golf Simulators of America, Flightscope and Trackman.
See a full list of compatible systems

E6Golf 1.6 Update

Improving E6Golf -the most authentic 3D Graphics and Golf Physics experience available- wasn't easy, but we've done it. Even more realistic rendering, refined physics and putting models, redesigned user interface, enhanced practice, and the ability to compete with people from around the world makes the latest iteration of E6Golf the best yet. MORE >>

E6Golf II

"Yes, yes, we know, we're taking our sweet time with this baby." In the meantime don't wait around, we've made many improvements and implemented a portion of the online event features into the E6Golf 1.6 Update.

Golf Courses

Golf Course
E6Golf has 85 World Class Courses, each have been accurately replicated down to the finest detail. Each Golf Course plays like the real thing.